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Thursday, August 15, 2002
Can't complain. Nobody to listen.

If things weren't stressful enough with talks of the RIF, today I come to work and get questioned about hours spent over the last few weeks, billable vs. non-bill. I spent time looking for a solution, with very little outside help, finding that others were also experiencing the same thing, and then putting code in to at least alleviate, if not completely solve, the problem. However, we're trying to keep billable stuff up and non-billable stuff down, so some of those hours might be more reflective of my own "leanring curve," they might not apply to the customer anyway... I understand it all, but I don't like to be questioned like that, you know? Anyway, now I'm bugged out about putting any of my hours today to that account.

After fumbling through that, I needed to find work. Got it - some billable, some not. All that and mandatory overtime means that I got to eat my yummy chicken salad sandwiches at my desk in order to keep working and get my more-than-full nine hours in today.

Talked to the pastor - he wanted me to check out the website for Redemption World Outreach. I'm not a big fan of website-as-brochure, but for our needs something like that would probably work. Most of our folks don't surf the waves or the web, so there's not much of a need to provide anything other than a few bells and whistles and some updated information.

Back to the grind. HTH.
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