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Wednesday, August 14, 2002
Do I really need another outlet?

Perhaps. At least, apart from the 1J13 List and the NKOC List, I might be able to just... well, just flow without caring who's reading, if anyone's reading, or what anyone might think.

Should I take some time to "intro" myself? Nyaaah. I know me, or at least I think I do. And anyone who just happens by will be better off getting to know me "now" more than just the "up to now" parts of the story. The only thing I feel like I "owe" the reader is to say that I was inspired to this by Andrew Jones and an article he wrote (series on pomo christianity) for TheOoze. Since I've dabbled in the literary ways myself - been published in the editorial sections of The State newspaper and in Christianity Today, thankyouverymuch - and since I've gotten my feet wet in writing "original" content for the aforementioned email lists, I at least feel quasi-qualified to diverisify, and possibly simplify, my attempts at writing & journaling... whew, by opening this blog.

Thanks for playing. Have a nice day.
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