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Monday, August 19, 2002
I feel like crap.

Yesterday was good - Sundays are always busy, but invigorating in a laid back worshipping God kinda way. But as the day went on, I just got a little more of a case of the cruds, and this morning, I feel rotten. Body aches, stuffed head, tummy junk - eeewww. I know - TMI. Cammi's sick, too - she'll go to the pediatrician, and I'll go to work. Got too much to do, to much due today to stay home and whine.

I'll have to write on that one sometime: what a parent goes through when the kids are sick. You love them, you hurt for them, you would do anything for them, and you can't wait for them to take their naps.

Pastor Mike spoke from 1 Peter 2 again yesterday (a series the past few weeks) on God's plans for building a spiritual house. Ties in with Paul's "salvation by grace," as well as tying in James' "showing faith by works" writing. It's all so wrapped up - if I have to manufacture the attitude or the outward works, then the heart is not right. But if the heart is right, the natural outflow of the thing will be godliness, won't it? Good stuff.

Still feel like crap - but I'll take a shower & go to work. At least I won't stink.
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