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Saturday, August 17, 2002
If the economy's so bad, why was the mall so full?

Went to the mall tonight, shopping for Vicki's birthday. Trace picked something out from the Disney store, and Cammi made her selections from Bath & Body Works. What am I going to get my blushing bride for her 34th birthday? No clue (though I did get Frank Peretti's #2 in the Veritas series at Books-A-Million). But I'm wrapping the kids presents tonight, ready for the bday party tomorrow after church.

After wrapping (I suck at wrapping, but there are no handy-dandy gift bags around when you need them), up to bed to watch the rest of the Panthers-Cowboys exhibition game while reading Rick Joyner's THE FINAL QUEST. Woo hoo.

The economy might be bad, but our common sense might be worse.
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