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Saturday, August 17, 2002
Know what starts sibling rivalry?

Well, it's Saturday - the one day a week when the kids get to hang out with their parents, gleaning from them the richness of their lives and the depth of knowledge and experience from their personas.

NAAAH. It's been kinda hard today, keeping the 6-yr-old inside whe he can't play on the PC until tonight (grounded) and with the Gamecube sitting at someone else's house (let youth group borrow it for a lock-in). The 4-yr-old at least got to go with her mom to the craft fair at the coliseum, but she's a little stir-crazy in the house, too. Why inside? Thunderstorms - big one passed through a little while ago. If the weather improves, we can go to the birthday party at Finlay Park downtown @ 7pm.

MOVIE UPDATE: Thoroughly enjoyed A BEAUTIFUL MIND last night. Vicki said it was paced a little slow for her tastes, but we both agreed that is was a great story. I have only seen one of the other Best Picture nominees from last year (LOTR1), but I think this one was probably well-suited to win it all. Next on our Netflix queue: TARZAN & JANE, CLOCKSTOPPERS, LOTR1, and SERENDIPITY.

If I get more time on the PC tonight, I'm going to try to add current reading, current listening and recent movies/DVD to this blog. It'll at least keep me focused on staying in less than five books at once, and give some direction for updating more than "oh yeah, here's another opinion," you know? Meanwhile, I'm back to the digital cable television and HEY ARNOLD! on Nickelodeon. Woo hoo. All that and a birthday party, too...

Second kid.
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