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Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Ok, not-so-crappy today.

Stayed home from work, getting some rest and vegging through the rest of this flu thing. What else is there to do - NOTHING on television around here. We've got digital cable - at least it takes you a half hour to go through the channels and discover that yep, there's nothing on - and then you can go through again, right?

It's Vicki's BIRTHDAY - woo hoo! We're making Mommy a cake tonight and watching Tarzan & Jane on DisneyDVD. I'm hoping to lift her spirits, hoping that she's not down for getting older but feeling good about us growing and moving on through life, you know? She puts up with alot from me, and I want to make sure this evening is calm and supportive and motivating for my blushing young bride.

Well, off to squeeze in a little nap before the rugrats and the Queen get home.

Thinking of Vicki on her birthday. Feeling much better, actually.
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