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Wednesday, August 14, 2002
Okay, I've checked this thing out. Woo hoo. Don't know if I like the template layout, though.

It's a humid Wednesday evening in Cayce, SC - suburb of the capital, right in the middle of the state. We're kinda in a lowlying plain, so there's no good breeze to move things around. Too far from the beach, too far from the mountains for any of those good breezes to be any good, we're pretty much in the armpit of the south. Work was long today - and with possible layoffs (RIF, "reduction in force" for the politcally correct CEOs in our audience) always around the corner, there's just a little too much stress these days. Mandatory overtime doesn't help. You used to be able to work an extra hour each night to get off around lunchtime on Friday. Now, you've got to work an extra hour each night just to get off at FIVE on Friday. Geez. Tonight's a school night - Tracer's playing Tarzan Untamed on the G-cube, and Cammi's upstairs watching Hey Arnold! on Nick. Vicki's run an errand to the CVS down the street, and I'm just blogging my life away.

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