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Friday, August 16, 2002
Yesterday. All my troubles seemed so far away...

Remember when I was looking for something to do at work yesterday? Not any more. STOP. I've got plenty, thanks. Lots to do, lots to do. Even have some to cart home for weekend duty. Gotta love it - feast or famine around here. Famine is no good because your job could be gone any minute. Feast is no good because you'll have too much to do, too little time to do it, everyone wanting stuff at the exact same time, and when it's all done or at least going at a safe but hectic pace, your job could *still* be gone any minute.

Still trying to rightly divide what the pastor said last night: the Spirit & the Word work together, can't have one without the other, God breathed life into the man, Jesus breathed into the disciples, here's how it happens in you, if it's not happening in you... I followed alright, and I think I got the gist, but where was he going with it? Am I not spending enough time just reading my bible, soaking it in and living it out? Probably, and God's drawing me to Himself in ways that are creating that real and constant hunger for Him in the bible, you know? So I'm not dense, just looking for what the practical app was for all that. I'll get back to it when I talk to him.

Tonight: A BEAUTIFUL MIND on DVD, while the kids watch SCOOBY DOO & THE ALIEN INVADERS downstairs. As close as we're going to get to a date night this weekend, me thinks.

O I believe in yesterday.
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