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Thursday, September 12, 2002
And life goes on, doesn't it?

I stayed away from most of the media "somber hype" over the first anniversary of 09/11/01 yesterday. Some of it had its place, I'm sure: the quiet reflections, the moments when President Bush and Mrs. Laura spent consoling victims and family members without the intrusiveness of microphones and camera lights. But it looked like the networks were all vying for their share of the ratings pie, and that just plain feels wrong. How many millions were spent on graphics, editting, commercial spots, etc, to promote each one's production of reflection? At the same time, totally ignoring it - as Rush Limbaugh seemed to be pushing, or at least being more middle of the road about it - probably wasn't an option in our immediate access & immediate information time.

At work, we had a "patriotic remembrance" day, including a "free jeans day." Thousands of people died, and I got to wear jeans.

Moving on... Staying home today to take Cammi to the doctor. She's been complaining about her throat hurting for a couple of days, and even though she's not running a fever, Vicki thinks that she's got a high threshhold for pain and needs to be checked out. We'll stay home and watch Playhouse Disney all day, with a little Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, and PBS Kids thrown in for good measure, I'm sure 8^). When I stay home sick, my usual is SportsCenter in the morning, and TLC or the History Channel in the afternoon.

So, I'll probably pop in at work, get some stuff downloaded to the laptop, and head back home after Cam's doctor visit. Maybe we'll do lunch out - a "date" with my four-yr-old. And some reading time this afternoon.

And the blog goes on, doesn't it?
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