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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
And the winner is... Kelly...

America's newest idol, beyond capitalism and Tommy Hilfiger, is Kelly Clarkson, Texas belle and vocal queen. Just continuing in my train of thought, though - she's got nothing to be ashamed of.

Her personality both complemented and encouraged her vocal skills, and she wowed the audience, the viewers, and Simon "the talent's better over here" Crowley. From what little we know of her (that's the problem with the canned "reality" of these reality shows), I think she'll handle the stress and workload well and go as far and as deep into the music industry as she wants. And when it's over, she'll walk back to Texas and keep having fun.

But we're a pathetic lot, aren't we? Might be too hard on *us*, but we need to find a hobby or something. With no American Idol, and with BB3 ending soon, what will we do while we wait for Real World Las Vegas to premiere?!?!?

Are you ready for some football? 8^) - peace...
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