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Sunday, September 01, 2002
Labor Day.

Good morning at church today. During the intercession time before service, someone prayed that God would bless "whatever decisions people needed to make today." Is it me, or do we seem to think that other people need to make decisions, but we don't personally expect to be challenged in at least some regard when we "come into His presence"? Gathering together with the saints should be a time when we expect to be driven through by the sword of truth, shouldn't it?

But I'm spending time getting over my own judgmentalism and vanity, so I can't point any fingers... Everytime I find myself pointing out someone else's faults, I am hit with the stench of my own haughtiness and contempt. I mean, I love these people. Why am I always finding fault with folks, always looking down on them from my own "lowly" position? It's like I'm being repulsed by ignorance, only to be condemned in my own false humility.

But enough about me. Pastor spoke on THE KINGDOM. With Bishop Wellington Boone coming in a couple of weeks, this Sunday and next are "warm-ups" for The Man. I'm listening, mainly caught up in how some of this will fit into what I read in Dallas Willard's DIVINE CONSPIRACY, how the Discourse on the Hill is Jesus' description of Life in the Kingdom. I'll post more tomorrow... holiday... day off... still employed and all that.

Right now? Labor Day - and Gamecube and Little Mermaid II on dvd. Peace.
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