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Sunday, September 29, 2002
Life meanders along...

So much on my mind, so little mind left to make sense of it all. Stream of consciousness blogging. What a novel concept.

I'm sick of politics. I'm probably going to vote for Mark Sanford in the SC gubernatorial race, but only because of the two combatants he seems more sure of where he stands, less likely to build his case on how bad the other guy is. That's what bunches my drawers: the tendency to demonize our opponents in order to make ourselves look good. I know there's a religious/relational application, but those types of things don't normally run back-to-back-to-back in thirty-second blocks on the local evening news. Encumbent Gov. Hodges has been in office for four years, and the biggest plank in his campaign is how bad Sanford is. Gimme a break.

As for other offices, I don't think I can pull myself together enough to vote for the lesser of two evils. The draw back with democracy is that you don't have to be a leader in order to lead, because anyone will follow the one with the best spin.

I've got a midterm tomorrow evening - Theology of Leadership 101. I'm discovering something: that to be an effective leader is to first recognize that I must be an effective servant. Still got some studying to do, but if I forget everything else I think that this nugget of truth will still take hold somewhere inside. I'm not really being the "effective leader" right now; not really leading anyone. And that's bothersome, because I'm *not leading* on the most obvious fronts: at home, at work, at church. It's more than leading a bible study (I'm not currently) or saying goodnight prayers with the kids (Vicki did that tonight). I just feel like I'm not going anywhere, and that it's a good thing because no one's following. Or rather, I hope no one's following, and secretly dread that some may be right there behind. I'm the lead lemming, too low to the ground to see the cliff, too small to turn and tell everyone else to STOP before getting inertia'd over the edge.

Dang. That's not a pleasant thought.

... coming to a fork, choosing the path less-travelled, I think. I hope. Don't follow too closely, and be prepared for sudden stops.
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