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Sunday, September 22, 2002
Pastor preached a sermon today.

And then he got up to do the sermon, amen? Pastor Mike's been going through some painful and cleansing stuff this past month or so - abdominal pain, irregular movements, lots of gas, painful bloating. Some days he's good - sometimes he's okay for just a few hours, or sitting the right way as opposed to some other position that's putting pressure... somewhere. His doctor doesn't know exactly what's going on. But this weekend, even though the pain's been really bad, he came to preach.

I'm not looking down on anyone who misses church. Trust me, if I point fingers I know that there are fingers pointing back at me. No, this is about determination to BE who you are called to BE. I know the man - he didn't come to church today to show what a fine upstanding pastor he is. He came because he was compelled to preach the word. That's the challenge - being true to yourself and to the calling of Christ in you, even in the midst of life's pain and pressure.

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