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Monday, September 02, 2002
Thank goodness I'm mature in Christ, huh?

I get the feeling that most of us don't know how far we have to go in order to "be like Jesus." Either we spend too much time comparing ourselves to ourselves, or we spend too little time actually pursuing the thing, disciplining ourselves to not only ask WWJD? but to also *do* what Jesus would do. We don't practice His presence. We don't spend time falling in love with God. Instead, we try to go through the motions of being faithful, and end up legalistic with it. Or we feel guilty for not following through, and get burdened down with condemnation.

If I really understood how much God loves me... and how much that love should be reflected from me as true, uninhibited love for Him, then my obedience will flow from that. Instead, I find myself and others giving seeing obedience as a sacrifice, and for all of our actions fall short of impressing god or ourselves...

Not me, though. No way.
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