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Sunday, September 15, 2002
We have treasure in earthen vessels.

Bishop Wellington Boone was with us this weekend. He's done Promise Keepers and various other high profile things, I'm sure. But the times I've seen him "live" have been wonderful - more like a professor talking to his students on the grassy knoll. The topic for our "conference" was KINGDOM NOW - we're called to be living the kingdom now, called to allow heaven to get into us more than just get our lazy carcasses into heaven. There's so much rich stuff pouring from this man's life - I took 17 slides of powerpoint notes Saturday night, another 12 slides this morning. No writer's cramp - thank the Lord for decent ergonomic keyboards.

What stood out to me from the whole weekend? Good question. I think it's probably what was going through my mind as I was driving home last night (got home about 12:15am - lo-o-o-ong night). I don't know if he actually said it, but it was something like: "If living Jesus is important to you, it would show in what you are first, then in what you do." Today's line to keep was along the lines of: "Life it too important to be wasting time on stuff that doesn't matter." Someone might take offense, saying that it's perfectly okay to waste a lazy Saturday doing nothing but listening to rain fall and watching goofy uneventful and unproductive TV. I'd only say that as I get older, I find it true for me - if the time left is being redeemed in Christ, then I want to be involved in redemptive things, stuff that will build up Christ-likeness in me, stretch me, challenge me to deeper levels of faith and awareness, etc.

One of the challenges from Bishop - read eight chapter from the Bible each day for thirty days. One from the Pentateuch, one from the Histories, etc. I don't feel legalistic about it - I just want to try it, see if I've got the gumption and discipline to spend better (not more) time in the Word.

I'll probably write more on this over the course of the week, going back and listening to tapes (listening again, for the first time - without having to take notes for the congregation).

What's on the inside will come out; don't judge the outside yet.
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