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Monday, September 02, 2002
What if we reach up to touch the sky...

I just spent the last fifteen minutes spouting off about our lack of love for God in the face of His passionate pursuit of us, and it all got whacked when I tried to post. Not gonna write it all again, but here are the highpoints, I suppose: God treasures us (Luke 15); He promises that we'll obey (John 14:23-24 - and that's not manipulative); and something about us trying to measure up and finding ourselves still falling short, bringing on depression and concemnation, or self-infatuation and pride.

We chase after vanity, thinking we're pursuing God. We compare ourselves to others, ignorant of Christ. And we "know" He loves us, but we forget to love Him back with the same passion.

... to find we're living life upside down?
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