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Friday, October 04, 2002
Marketing we can buy into!

Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie

Well, the moment we've been waiting for has arrived - Veggie Tales hits the big screen for real. Previously, some videos have been "premiered" at local theaters, but this is the real deal: a feature length movie, JONAH. And amazingly, it's getting decent reviews:

* "Hey parents, here's how to wrap your head around this one: Imagine a feature-length Davey and Goliath cartoon, only now, the clay stars are talking, singing, computer-animated, anthropomorphic tomatoes! Really. This not-so-shrouded spin on the biblical tale of Jonah and the whale pits brussels sprouts against other vegetables, only to dig up the true nature of forgiveness and love. Strangest thing is: It's not as irritating as you might think..." - E!online

* "(AP) -- The star is an asparagus. His buddies include a tomato and a cucumber. And they're featured in a movie based on the biblical tale of Jonah, the guy who got swallowed by a whale. What's the big idea? At Big Idea Productions, it's that kids' entertainment can teach children a thing or two about morality and religious faith yet still trigger a belly laugh..." - article @ CNN.com

* (good review, but only gave it one star - what's up with that?) - "Bible stories are enacted by a repertory company of crudités in Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. I'm not big on getting lectures from produce, and the Jonah story is not exactly fresh from the crisper, but Jonah is engaging enough for parents looking to introduce their kids to the veggiest story ever told..." - Chris Hewitt, through TheState.com

* (my fave line on the flick) "The message about interacting with people (or vegetables) whose values don't gel with your own comes at a tricky time. After Sept. 11, the movie's plea for forgiveness and second chances flies boldly in the face of American foreign policy..." - John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press

All that to say: I'm seeing it tomorrow evening with my kids, my wife, and a flock of friends with their children. All those veggies, some popcorn, maybe a latte at the end - sounds like a good night out to me.

peace to vegetables everywhere...

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