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Monday, October 14, 2002
Update on Pastor Mike:

The last two days have held so much for us, I could never tell you every wonderful thing.

On Saturday, between noon and dinner time, I watched as Mike came back to me, improving moment by moment before my eyes. Every one of his conditions improved. Victories on every front:

His calcium level has corrected
He was able to move his bowels and it was beginning to be the right color
He was able to eat solid food for the first time in days
He started urinating again (coming out of renal failure)
His urine changed colors from darker than iced tea to yellow
He actually sat up, stayed awake, and watched the Miami game on TV
He has had no more pain meds nor anything for nausea since Sat noon
His blood pressure was not high for the first time since August

His night nurse cried with us when she saw the difference in him from Friday to Saturday night. She said no medication cleared up the color of his urine. No explanation for that.

The GI doc decided on Sat afternoon to place a stint in Mike's liver to unblock a bile duct because his bilirubin continued to climb from the normal 0.1to 8.0. Overnight his bilirubin dropped from 8 to 3. The doc cancelled the procedure, said he was shocked, amazed and happy and had never seen this before. We told him it was the hand of the Lord moving mightily.

We have had people we have never even met (including two pastors) come in and pray with Mike. They said they just felt led to do it. Another stranger came to pray and left us a check for $100. A man we had never seen before nor had any connection with whatsoever. When I left him tonight, he was walking the oncology unit praying for other patients' healing.

The preliminary pathology reports are suggesting large cell lymphoma, a type of non-hodgkings lymphoma. THe firm diagnosis should come tomorrow some time. There will also be a bone marrow test, and the docs will "stage" the disease (how far along it is) then suggest prognosis and treatment plan. We are hoping this will all happen quickly.

Pray that God will lead us in our decision-making, that he might lead us to the best option (stay here and save time or go to a big name cancer center). The support and love that all of you have given have been overwhelming and humbling. Although I have not returned many calls, I have heard and/or read every phone and email message. They have blessed and encouraged me. God seems to be sparing the children, too, they are all doing well and been protected from most of this so far.

We are still waiting and watching for the Lord's glory and victory to be revealed in the end. Stand strong in faith with us that God will perform His word.


God's good... all the time... only from His perspective.
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