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Saturday, November 09, 2002
days turn into weeks...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. No excuse - sure it's been busy, but it's always busy, isn't it? Just haven't made time more than likely, haven't made things like this prioirty over the past week or so. Let's catch up, shall we?

The '02 elections are over. I voted, and felt kinda muddy afterwards. I mean, I only voted for those folks I felt could do the job, but I left a lot of slots blank because, frankly, I won't just vote for the lesser of two evils. "Political aspirations" has to be one of those shakespearean character flaws we read about in high school. Anyway, the Republicans won control of just about everything, and though I voted that way most of the time, I can't decide if this is a good thing or not...

Long week at work. But I've offset that a little with getting into a good book: SUMMERLAND by Michael Chabon - kiddie fic, reading it with my son, might be good fantasy alternative to Harry Potter. Also re-reading A NEW KIND OF CHRISTIAN by Brian McLaren on our email discussion list.

What else? Just got SUM OF ALL FEARS in from Netflix - saw it this summer, but Vicki didn't see it yet. And SPIDER-MAN should be coming soon, too - while the kids wear out the special features on BARBIE AS RAPUNZEL... woo hoo. I'm looking forward to SPIRIT coming out this month, too - good DVDs for holiday wishlists.

Well, gotta go. It's Saturday morning, and I'm running the wife and kids off so I can work - man, it's been busy, huh? - before the Gamecocks whup up on Arkansas at 12:30est (Leonard picked the Razorbacks to lose). Fixing to eat my bowl of Frosted Flakes with the kids, watching Nickelodeon on CBS, and... well, blogging.

Can you say "naptime," boys & girls?
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