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Thursday, November 28, 2002
For this, we are truly thankful.

What am I thankful for this year? Mostly, my family. Vicki & I had a wonderful weekend at the beach this past weekend in Nanny's condo, but we honestly missed the kids, knowing that we would've had fun with them as much as we had without them. I'm thankful for my kids, and I look forward to today - we're going to see Treasure Planet before dinner at Mom's, followed by a Christmas movie and games. And my wife is the best - not only helping me in making sure the kids grow up right, but helping me grow up, too.

What else am I thankful for? Right now - Christ in me, or at least Christ in pursuit of me. I can't escape the notion that He is wanting more of me, in my relationship with Him. He speaks in the most subtle ways, and I've caught myself ignoring His call, His voice. It's like I can see the seed fall on hard ground, and I feel sorry that there's any of that still left in me. I want to till the soil a little, give His seed a place to take root and bear fruit. I want that to be real, and I'm thankful that He's still in pursuit, still flinging seed, still walking through my fields.

... in God I trust; I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?
I am under vows to you, O God;
I will present my thank offerings to you.
For you have delivered me from death
and my feet from stumbling,
that I may walk before God
in the light of life.
-- Psalm 56:11-13

Be thankful.
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