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Saturday, November 30, 2002
Four-day weekend.

We spent most of yesterday helping my brother Jeff and his wife Kim move from the bustling metropolis of Mullins, SC, to... well, out in the boonies. They're in Lexington, or meybe Red Bank, or maybe it's just classified "rural" - I'm not really sure. Anyway, I'm not hurting this morning as much as I thought I would, but I'm tired.

Only a day and a half left in the long holiday weekend, though. I need to find some time, probably tonight, to get some work done before Monday. We've got a "re"-wedding this afternoon, witnessing Pastor Carlos and Anabelle renew their vows, followed by a fancy reception (which I'm sure will be over before the Florida/FloridaSt game, right?!?). Tomorrow, the morning's CastTheNet service - an evangelistic outreach to our friends and family, will be followed in the evening at five o'clock with CWO LifeVISION, where we explain a little of what the church is all about.

All that, and a nap, too. This is living.
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