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Saturday, December 07, 2002
Christmas shopping. Malls. Toy stores. Bah, humbug.

I'm all about shopping online, because I'm way too wishy-washy and can never settle on what to buy for certain people. But I've already spent $$$ at the new apparel store at Amazon, ordered a bracelet from Handpicked (don't tell my wife!), presents by auction at eBay, and... something else I know I'm forgetting. Maybe that's the problem: there's no wishy-washy on the PC, just click and it's shipped.

I don't mind malls. I just don't like *not* finding that perfect gift, wasting a lunch hour fruitlessly wandering through the stores. I'd rather waste the time at home, after the kids go to bed, where I can take my coffee - food and drink allowed at the PC - and "browse" in my Tigger PJs. The future of shopping - in my living room, with no nosy salespeople, no waiting in line, barefoot with a cup of Starbucks' Light Note Blend. Ahhhh.

Merry ho ho ho and all that. And let's show some love and positive eBay feedback, ok?
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