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Thursday, December 26, 2002
It's beginning to look alot like... um... late December...?

We're moving past the Christmas shenanigans, hard and fast for the end of 2002 and a brand new year. I'm looking forward to 2003 - if for nothing else, I want to make sure that I actually FINISH more books than I start. But more resolutions next time. Right now, I want to hit the highlights from 2002.

* 2002 Resolutions - well, the only one I remember making was to email/snail-mail at least one person every day. I kept it up for about three months, but eventually it ran out of steam. While I know that I've sent email (and then some, I'm sure) just about every day this past year, I slipped on this one.

* At Theaters - I saw all of the "S" movies this year, at least through the end of the summer. No kidding. SPIRIT, SPIDER-MAN, STUART LITTLE 2, SCOOBY-DOO, STAR WARS EPISODE II, etc etc etc. I haven't seen STAR TREK: NEMESIS yet, but there's still a few days left, huh? My favorite movie this year was probably SPIDER-MAN (the DVD has some cool stuff) - my expectations were too high, but it still told the story and stayed fairly faithful to the original.

* Music Store - I've enjoyed some new, outside-the-Christian-music-box tunes this year. BUSTED STUFF by the Dave Matthews Band is deep, and still has the right hooks. I'm trying hard to like Dashboard Confessional - but Chris Cabbarra's vocals wear on me after the first playthrough. Not so with John Mayer - when is the next one coming out?

* On Video - I discovered THE BIG KAHUNA, with Kevin Spacey and Danny Devito, this past summer. Also, there is no going back - DVD is the only way to fly. Other good discs: MONSTERS, INC. and VANILLA SKY. And Netflix fairly rocks.

* Reading Room - this is has been the year, like with music, where I've stretched the envelope a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Willard's DIVINE CONSPIRACY this past summer on the ZBA email list. I also enjoyed THE MONK DOWNSTAIRS by Tim Farrington, and I started the new series from James Patterson - haven't finished 1ST TO DIE yet, but I started, and that counts for something, right? This has also been the year of the ebook - I finished Reed Arvin's THE WILL last week, and I read the first two MARS DIARIES books from Sigmund Breuwer on my laptop, too. I'm such a geek.

* Other Stuff - This was the year of Gamecube, and I got Smart Mass from thinkgeek.com. Ain't life grand?

Thanks for playing, and reading this far... now, on into 2003...
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