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Monday, December 30, 2002
Time to make the donuts (click here - unreal)...

I've been out of the office for about two weeks - a trip to Miami and a week-long Christmas vacation - and it doesn't look like the place missed me much. Other than an accumulation of dust on my touch-lamp, it doesn't look like time passed at all. The stack of reports, print-outs and to-do's is still there. My laptop LAN connection cord is still there, and I found my analog phone jack cord still laying on the floor (I remember knocking it down the hole in the back of my desk as I left, not wanting to waste time getting it and poking it back through then), waiting to be connected to PCanywhere anywhere it was needed.

What did I do today? Wrestled with the environment changes made while I was gone (why do they switch servers while everyone's on vacation?). Started to enter my trip expenses for reimburesement - good luck. Actually dialed in with PCanywhere (only a customer necessity would've made me crawl under the desk today) to check on a printer/archive issue. Went to lunch with Vicki and the kids at Chili's. Entered my time for today, for the rest of the week.

Whew. Time to go home. Later.
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