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Saturday, January 25, 2003
Abortion... Roe v. Wade... Planned Parenthood... Poster Contest?... Satire... Hurt...

At blogs4God.com, this past week has been one of bruised feelings, painful satire and, perhaps, misplaced decisions of what's "funny" or not.

I wasn't offended by the original posts/posters, but I've been challenged by the questions and remarks of those who felt all of this has gone over the line. Where stereotypes abound, I've been more pricked by the real stories then the rhetoric. And I can't help but ask that if "legalized abortion" were removed from the table, would other choices rise...? Has anyone flooded the Planned Parenthood site for their "poster contest" like we have to each otehr on blogs4God? Have both "sides" been insensitive to each other, whosing once again that Christians are more likely to point fingers at each other then to meet the real needs of people in need around us...?

Rachel is questioning her involvement in blogs4God as a moderator, and from her post, I don't blame her. Others have also blogged in opposition to what happened (Jordon, Brian, Sally and others) and in apology and explanation (Katherine). It seems that the heat of the moment has passed, and what we're left with is what's appropriate vs. what's hurtful or mean-spirited...?

I hate that it's so easy to offend, so difficult to not be offended.
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