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Monday, January 06, 2003
Good to the last drop.

I drink coffee. Lots of coffee. Not alot compared to some people, but probably more than alot of people. I don't need it as a morning fix, and I wouldn't consider myself the victim of a caffeine addiction. I just like the experience. That's right, it's more than a taste or a shot for the system. Caffeine rarely has that effect on me anyway. No, it's the whole thing: taste, aroma, warmth, grinding, brewing, pouring, etc. Is that so weird?

I'm trying my hand at cuban coffee. My first batch was rank, but I hope I can improve on it in the days and weeks to come. I had my first authentic cup in Miami, and I think it'd be neat to replicate itin my kitchen. Why? The experience of it all. I've found a cool coffee website in my search for a good cuban coffee recipe, and I'm probably going to do a little more 'net research on coffee recipes, how to make a great pot of java from a drip maker, how to grind, what to grind, ethical coffees... it goes on and on 8^).

But no more coffee tonight. Gotta go to bed.
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