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Saturday, January 11, 2003
Long week.

If I include the trip to Miami as part of my "vacation" (it was work-related, but a change of venue nonetheless), this has been my first week back after basically three weeks away from the office. I went back in the two days before New Year's, but that didn't count. Work is back at full swing now, and everyone's back from vacation and settling back into the flow and rhythm of hitting deadlines and pricing work efforts. Even though I stayed home sick yesterday (can you say "stomach flu"?), it was a dang long week.

So this weekend, we're doing our best to keep the weekend free from "must do" lists, sticking with "want to" lists of things to do. Sunday there's church - more of a "want to" than a "must do," right? - but other than that, we're going to do next to nothing. We might hit the mall, might not. Wouldn't mind stopping by Barnes & Noble later for some Starbucks', but only if the trip doesn't interfere with watching the playoffs. One thing on my "must do" list is reading FOUR SOULS - in keeping with my resolution this year, I've got to finish this one by tomorrow. Good book, but I've still got about 150 pages to go and I'm not Evelyn Wood.

Okay, so there's another "must do": "Dad, we've got to find the easter egg on the ICE AGE DVD." I'm spending time this morning looking on the 'net - found an easter egg site from the UK and EyeCraveDVD, but no luck yet. I'll keep you posted.

Well, I'll do more journal-like blogging later this weekend, as well as a semi-review of FOUR SOULS when I wrap it up. For now, a cup of coffee, leftover pizza for breakfast, and egg hunting.

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