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Saturday, January 18, 2003
Movies move me.

I watched WE WERE SOLDIERS (Mel Gibson film) yesterday afternoon before the kids & wife got home from school, and it was really an experience. It's one of those movies that goes a long way in conveying the emotion, pain and feeling of those who actually participated in this particular battle at the beginning of the Vietnam War, and the utter clueless of everyone else. It's still amazing to me that we lost in Vietnam - that the US, for all its talk about supporting the troops heading to war, has such a long history of not caring a lick about what's really going on. We are a nation that watches from afar, and we're content with seeing soundbites and video clips on the evening news to give us a sense of the tragedy and horror of war. Maybe that's why I'm finding myself against the imminent conflict with Iraq - we have no idea. Our troops are going to fight, laying their lives down every step of the way, from the ground assault to the cleaning detail back at the base. Meanwhile, my life won't change much because they're over there, and it won't change much when they return. That bites, because in some way, that means they're fighting for nothing... except maybe the American right to be apathetic.

I pray for our president, that he will make wise decisions. My opinions matter little, and I know that. In his heart, I pray that he is sure of himself and his reasons for going to war. And I pray that we as Americans will support our troops in service and in sacrifice. In some way, we need to fight alongside the soldiers, to share in the battle, in some way that's real and meaningful.

Thanks for letting me gripe...
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