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Tuesday, January 14, 2003
No bread, no meat, no dairy. And let myself be hungry.

That's my mantra for the Daniel Fast we're participating in with CWO. There's all kinds of legalism I could get caught up in on this, but the last time I heard, that's a DIET. This is a FAST - abstaining from food or from certain foods in order to let the hunger pangs reveal a hunger for "every word that comes from the mouth of God." When my stomach growls, it should be a cry to God - not to the pantry and another granola bar, you know?

The hard part isn't the menu. It's staying hungry. Last year, we found all kinds of tofu and veggie patties and stuff that made it like we weren't fasting at all. This year, I'm looking at one good meal in the evening - no meat, no bread, no dairy - and just a little snacking on apples during the day. I had too much coffee yesterday - while I'm not going to cut out caffeine, I am going to stick to mostly water for the next few days, let the system get flushed out a bit.

And I'm meditating on His word - right now, in 2 Cor 3 and 2 Timothy 2. That's where I need to be more hungry.
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