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Thursday, February 27, 2003
CNN.com - 'Mister Rogers' dies at age 74 - Feb. 27, 2003

This is one man who crosses lines culturally and generationally in this country. Not an easy thing to do. He will be missed, mainly because there's very little "competition" out there to take his place. Perhaps Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow, or someone else who can talk to kids instead of down to them (that's always been my biggest complaint about Barney).

My kids watch PBS in the afternoons when they get home - Liberty's Kids, DragonTales and Cyber Chase. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood comes on before they get home, so they've never watched it much, except perhaps at school. While I was never a big fan of the show, I watched enough of it growing up to learn a few thinks about slowing down, taking your time, changing your shoes, getting comfortable with others. Things like that need to be taught to my kids, too, and I hope I can pass along a legacy like that in some way.

I'll be your neighbor any day, sir.
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