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Tuesday, February 04, 2003
I'm slacking off on the book resolution - to finish one book per week in 2003, but maybe I can read one of my sons's Spongebob books this week to catch up on the weekend. This week, I've been reading through Rick Joyner's LEADERSHIP: THE POWER OF A CREATIVE LIFE. Say what you will about Joyner and his prophetic voice, but this book leans more towards the John Maxwell side of things, sharing his own experiences from aviation and business, and from his study of war and great leaders through out world and church history.

It's not always an easy read. I think he tries to convey too much information at once without plotting out a true course for it all. It seems to chase alot of rabbit trails, with examples and anecdotes popping out at what seems like the wrong time. And the editting needs some work in spots - word choice and grammar stuff. But that's being picky on my part. All in all, it's a challenge to re-assess my own call to leadership and how it's playing out in the real world right now.

I'll include a few quotes that have stuck out to me:

"The single most important step that most of us can take to start becoming a visionary, and then turning our visions into successes, is to start thinking the very best about everything and everyone.... There will always be some people and situations that fail or disappoint us, but it is a well-established fact that people perform much better with positive motivation than negative threats." - p. 81

"True nobility is infectious, and it will spread to those who come into contact with it. We are living in a time when there is a meltdown of morality and integrity, which makes it an even greater time for the truly noble to arise." - p. 20

"The whole world will try to fashion you into what it wants you to be, but true leaders resist this bondage and determine to make their world what they want it to be. You were created for a purpose, and you will find it by discovering the deepest desire of your heart." - p. 23 - and this goes right along with a cover article in FAST COMPANY a few months ago (not just a "Christian" thing, huh?)

"Faith is the primary factor that separates those who will accomplish their goals from those who do not. This is not just faith in God, but also faith in general. Everyone has faith; everyone believes *something*.... The faith we have will determine the course of our lives." - p. 42

There's also a very interesting chapter on the Knights of the Order of St. John (an affiliation that Joyner's taken some heat for in the past) showing that courage and tenacity, along with good leadership/strategy, will prevail over the toughest onslaughts. All in all, I recommend the book for folks interested in being challenged as leaders to just rise up and lead.

Thanks for playing - next book? any suggestions? 8^).
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