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Sunday, February 16, 2003
Isn't salvation wonderful... to witness in the lives of others?

[meandean's story @ blogs4God this morning]
[journal entry @ javabeans]

Life gets so full, so hectic, so stress-filled - this isn't what Jesus promised, is it (John 10:10)? The enemy comes to steal and destroy - and looking at the church in our part of the world, he's having an easy time of it. But "life to the full" is what Jesus came to bring... and what we long for, deep inside of who we are.

Seeing it this morning, remembering my own story, sensing that the freshness and newness is there even now (Lamentations 3:22-24)... My heart is full of praise for Him, and I desperately needed to feel that again - to know that He is my Lord, that He is worthy to be praised, and that the cost is small (Phil. 3:8) compared to knowing Him.

We all need to be reminded... peace.
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