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Saturday, February 15, 2003
Just got back from seeing Jungle Book 2 with my two kids. They enjoyed it - for me, it wasn't too painful. Not as good as some other kids' flicks we've been to recently, and definitely not near the top of the Disney list. But we had a good time - daddy likes spending time with the kids.

Vicki and I were going to go out to see Daredevil this evening, but that's been put on hold. As the movie went along with the children, T said that his stomach was hurting. When we got home, it looks like he's running at least a 101+ fever, and he says he's feeling cold - not normal for the boy who comes home and tosses his shoes and socks off before doing anything else. But that's ok - we'll stay home, or we'll get grandma to come over and take care of him. Meanwhile, I don't mind being home - daddy likes spending time with his family.

I've been evaluating relationships. It's hard to do this objectively, difficult to remove myself, my hurts, my sarcasm from the fray. Whether it's on an email list, or in blog comments, or on message boards... or in "real life" among family members, in the workplace, at church... why can't we just get along? Why is it so hard to truly want the other person's best in every circumstance? Why can't I be vulnerable to trust you with my well-being so that I can work tirelessly for your well-being? Isn't that true reconciliation - selfless and abandoned and real towards others?

Meanwhile, I'm going to crash on the couch with my daughter - Baloo and Mowgli wore her out. I'll sit on the couch, read my book, and check on T-boy in a bit. Vicki's just vegging out, too. Daddy like spending time at home.
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