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Sunday, February 09, 2003
Well, I'm reproducing in the blogosphere...

We've kicked off two more blogs this past week. Javabeans is hopefully going to evolve into a place to share a "community journal" of what God's doing at CWO. Meanwhile, I got Pastor Danny & Carlos, Jr., hooked on blogs as a means to journal what's going on and to pump up the kids for their upcoming summer camp. QuestCamp will be a place where each church's leaders can post what's on their hearts as the June conference gets closer, and where the kids can interact somewhat in the comments section, getting to know each other before getting to know each other.

Tomorrow, I'll have my first cache at Blogs4God. Found some good ones, some new journals that I'm going to keep up with if I can.

Meanwhile, it's just been a long week, and a long weekend, hasn't it? Tonight was Cleansing Streams Session #2 - CONSECRATION. It's a good video with Pastor Tim Smith describing what happens when all of the crud of life is allowed to accumulate - materialism, relationships, and self - between us and God. The junk blocks the flow from God, and we wonder why there's no power or victory in our lives. Ouch. Now it's just time to get some sleep, to get ready for tomorrow and another long week.

Consecrating the bejeebers out of it all... - g'night.
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