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Saturday, February 01, 2003
What happened?

We've been out this morning, away from TVs since about 9am. But when we got home and I sat down to some email and web/news-surfing, we found out that the Space Shuttle Columbia appears to have exploded as it was coming in for a landing at Cape Canaveral. Not much info yet, but I'm sure all of the news channels are covering it with everything they've got. I'll tune in later, but for now here's a link to the most poignant piece I've found on the 'net. It's a long (start from the bottom) reading/journaling of the individual days/tests of the entire Columbia mission. There is an entry at 9:06am today that says "Ten minutes to wheels down." The next message posted at 9:20am says that NASA has lost contact. FYI, the top few entries have a "Jan 10" date typo.

I was going to send a "journal cache kvetch" to blogs4God.com, but I'll wait 'til later. That doesn't seem so important right now.

Pray and mourn.
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