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Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Yahoo! News - 'Joe Millionaire' Chooses Zora on Finale

Now there's nothing to watch but American Idol... help us.

We get caught up in celebrity, and the only thing I can figure is that it's a vicarious fantasy that we each believe should be living out instead of the Flavor-Of-The-Week star. "Reality TV" is anything but, and yet millions of people are drawn to the fiction to see what's going to happen next. Why can't we be as caught up in our own reality, in our own families, in our own lives. The networks are just giving us what we want - or they've given us something we didn't know we wanted, and now we like it so they dish out more and more... when what we really want is reality, deep and true and meaningful.

If everything's a fantasy, if reality is only lived in soundbites and TV show editing, then what are we even here for? It's no coincidence that the spiritual hunger in our society appears to be growing. And it's no surprise that TV is filling the void better than christians.
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