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Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Are you good?

The premise is that as we share the gospel with people, we (as a modern Christian evangelism machine) to focus on "how good life will be with Jesus in your heart." The problem, as Kirk and Ray point out, is that there is no real emphasis placed on a person's sinfulness, no reference to the Law and our need for repentance. I've got my own problems with "guilting" someone into making a decision, but as a way to flesh out what the true gospel message might be, this is a great place to start: we're sinners with no hope, in need of a Savior offering mercy and hope. At the same time, we need to focus on how infinitely good Jesus is, too. In that way, we recognize that salvation is based on His plan, not our need.

Does that make sense? Anything that focuses on man more than on God has an imbalance, since "it's all about You, Jesus" - right? In the meantime, consider this: a "true convert" is one who will be hungry for the word, dedicated to a life of repentance, and passionate about following Christ. Is that you?

Again, what makes you so sure that you're good?
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