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Tuesday, March 18, 2003
CNN.com - World braces as deadline looms - Mar. 18, 2003

This is where I'm torn - I want peace, and I think I understand the need for war. A "war of words" is the only thing anyone sees as an option, and that's no real option at all. What would happen if Saddam did leave Iraq? What would happen if President Bush did leave office? The real thing here isn't so much which man is in power calling who names - it's who's going to be big enough to let peace into the midst of it all.

There's a funny bit in the Naked Gun/Police Files series. Frank finds a piece of evidence in a file cabinet: "My God, Jackson *was* innocent." - "Uh, Frank, Jackson was executed last week." - "Oh" (throwing the evidence back into the drawer).

When war starts, what will we find out about the Iraqis, or about ourselves, that could've changed our minds? In the meantime, it's probably past time to move and do something, stop sitting around cutting bait and rattling our sabres. I pray that our men and women in the armed forces are better-trained, better-equipped, and have more heart to get this over with then their foes. Godspeed...
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