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Sunday, March 02, 2003
Good morning, Lord. I'm up earlier than normal, and I wanted to spend some time with You instead of just heading back to bed. If there's been anything missing on my end, it's been that I don't spend enough facetime with You. It's Sunday, and today is a good day to begin again to seek hard after You.

Thank You for being with Vicki, keeping her safe. Thank You for her and the kids, what they mean to me, how we're growing and changing together. Grant us grace overflowing to live together in peace, Lord. Let me bear the burdens, being patient and forebearing in love. Be with Cammi & Trace this morning as we go to church - may they learn about Jesus, and may the longings of their hearts be centered on knowing You more. Be with Vicki, that she and I might grow and learn and continue to be filled - seekingto only be filled by and submitted to You, Holy Spirit.

We will give You praise today, O Lord. Bless us with fruitfulness - reveal Yourself in our lives. And bless CWO this morning with a harvest for Your kingdom. May the fields be white and the workers many, Father, this morning as we "cast the net" over people who are ready and willing to stay in the net.

in Jesus' name - amen.
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