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Thursday, March 06, 2003
I feel like crap. Chest congestion. Spent all afternoon in the bathroom at work (too bad I don't have a LAN connection in there for my laptop). Felt awful at church but needed to stay through to the end to give announcements - busy week/month ahead at CWO (dang - I need to update the website). I'm going to work tomorrow - and I'm going to do it well whether I like it or not. Gotta work on my attitude - can you tell?

I've found myself feeling very contradictory this week - enamoured with God, deeply seeking after the things of God, and weirdly cynical and judgmental towards people. That's not right. My love towards God should grow and manifest as love towards people, too, right?

Well, I'll sleep on that, praying that God rights my heart and heals my congestion.

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