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Monday, March 31, 2003
I know. I know. I'm a christian. Christians don't gamble. Christians are against the lottery. But, well, I was buying gas, and uh, paying inside, and... well, I had already picked up USA Today and a vanilla coke, and... it just seemed right, you know?

We won $45,000 dollars. I'm sorry. Can I still get forgiveness, after I spend the loot? I'll tithe - honest. That'll look good for the budget, I'm sure. Then we can pay to have the yard sodded, the dog cleaned, and my kids to get new bikes so they'll leave my Gamecube alone. Honestly, though - don't know what I want to do with the $$$. Maybe just a trip to Disney with kids, to Hawaii without.

what would you do with $45K you knew would be wonderful to have but felt a little guilty in having? Hmmmmm?

april fools. early. whew.
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