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Wednesday, March 05, 2003
I'm catching up, and with one more book this week I'll be on track to complete/finish a book-per-week. Whew.

A TALE OF THREE KINGS: A Study In Brokenness - Gene Edwards

This one was quick - but it bogged down in the middle and I didn't pick it up again until just this weekend. Gene Edwards is a very poetic storyteller, and here he tells the story of Saul, David and Absalom, all the while tackling the question of why bad things happen, why brokenness is so hard, why humility must be tested. In comparing/contrasting the main characters, he tells of David's contrite heart, and Saul & Absalom's inner faults and darkness.

I'm challenged to choose suffering in the way David does: not arguing with his accusers, not bringing division upon the nation, not standing up to fight against injustice, but instead humbly removing himself from being used to disrupt God's will. How many times have I done what I think is best, only to find that I've gone against God instead of partnering with Him. I think David walked with God well - he didn't seek the throne, didn't take it by force, and in the end didn't consider it something to fight for if God was now willing to remove him from power. Our relationships and our unity are much more important than my petty pride or offense or hurts. God is good, but only from His perspective - and we must be broken and tried in order to see from His vantage point... just as He was broken and tried for us.
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