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Saturday, March 08, 2003
My mind has been all over the place today. I went to be way early last night - wrestling with this dang cold and trying not to get too sick and incapacitated. In the midst of that, Vicki was a real sweetie, putting the kids to "bed" and letting me crash. That is, until Trace decided he wanted to stay up after everyone else went to bed. At 4am, Vicki discovered him still awake - a definite no-no. We're nipping that in the bud. Yessirree-bob.

I read a good thought from Merton this evening - reading in Tracer's room so I'd know he was at least asleep at some point in time. He said something to the effect that journals take for granted that things change over time, that if every day had the same routine monotony, then there'd be no need for journals (or blogs, I extrapolate). Maybe that's why so many people don't journal/blog. Perhaps those with stories to tell are the only ones noticing the changes.

Cammi's fine. We shared a little bit about the MVP with the family, and we're all thankful that it's not worse and hopeful that it'll be a minimal impact in her young life. For me, I stand in prayer - knowing that I love and serve a God who is the Healer, that His ways are true, and that He's more trustworthy than the medical community in this city. I trust our doctors - I just trust God more. In Jesus' name, she's healed. The Bible tells me so. But more than that, I have faith that His will for her is both healing and wholeness. Most of the time my "will" for her is just that she'd listen and obey. His plans are infinitely more eternal, and He's not done with her or with me quite yet. If nothing else, perhaps I need to learn to appreciate her more - her sensitive heart, her spontaneous love, her infectious giggle. Come on - we all need our hearts fixed, right?

Well, Vicki said I can't stay up 'til 4am. It's only 11:02pmEST - and I'm tired. But I stand for my healing, too. The only way I can explain it is this: I'm already healed, Lord - so if I've still got this hacking cough, then You must have a reason. I lay it in Your hands, asking for rest and trusting for healing. I want to be used for You, by You, to Your honor and fame on the earth. Thank You for healing me. Keep me close, as my promise comes ever closer to the surface of what we perceive.

In Jesus' name, amen.
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