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Thursday, March 20, 2003
Outside, the storms overnight have dumped a ton of rain on us. The lightning and hail matches some of the video/audio of the just-beginning war in Iraq. I'm struck by how difficult it's going to be to get to school this morning to drop the kids off, how wet it's going to be driving the rest of my thirty-minute commute to work, how difficult it's going to be to stay focused while I'm in my cubicle today. The distractions of war and bad weather.

I can say calmly that God is sovereign, that He is "in control" in a way that guides the hearts and actions of men and countries. I can believe that He is concerned, but not surprised - that He knows the beginning and the end of all of this and more. While I'm not scared, and not even really anxious either, I do sense that this might go on longer than we had hoped. And for me, it raises the question: on a global scale, how does one country love/serve another? In making war, are we "being good neigbors" to the Iraqi people? Perhaps. I hope so.
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