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Saturday, March 01, 2003
Stream of consciouness post... what else is there to do with it raining all day?

Well, it's been pretty moist out there today. The original forecast didn't really call for much rain, maybe a little going through in the afternoon. But 0.40 inches of precip later, it's still coming down. Luckily, as Vicki drives back from the NC Mountains, the rain is moving out of the picture and she shouldn't have to deal with it too much. Unless a meteorologist said that it's going to be clear for the next two hours - then it'll pour, I'm sure.

Check out "What's Cool" at blogs4God.com. I read it - but I don't think I learned anything.

One of the things I haven't spent much blogtime on is golf. I enjoy watching it, following it, and playing at it. I don't play it well, but I plat at it - meaning that I try to play well when I've got the time, but I really haven't played more than four times a year since I "picked up the game" a few years ago. But this year I hope to actually play a little more. I've even ordered DVDs from ajgolf.com to try to improve my swing and the timing on hitting the ball. They claim to be able to add clubhead speed and ten yards to your drive. I just need to add "straight" to my bag. Anyway, I just noticed that Tiger is still winning at the Match Play Championships (but he's down 2 after 7 holes right now in the next match). Poor Phil Mickelson and his superior equipment.

Well, Gamecock basketball is coming up at 5pmEST. After the baseball team losing 8-0 to Clemson, I hope the b-ball team can pull it out this afternoon against Vandy. I'll update more on scores, stats, Tiger's comeback/choke, and what's still cool later.

Thanks for playing.
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