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Saturday, April 26, 2003
Editorial: Don't build giant fetus

One more look into the GAMECOCK, USC's student paper. The SC Legislature is considering building a memorial to all of the unborn children of the state: a giant fetus, viewable from the roadways, as a "deterrent" to abortion.

The article is obviously against this, and I can only assume by word-choice that the author is "pro-choice." But I'm also, as a very anti-abortion supporter, glad that the reasons for not putting this thing up are valid: won't do anything to help; will be a source of ridicule; and in a time of budget cuts with teachers and state workers getting the shaft, this isn't the time to now open up the coffers for every lobbyist group to get a plot of ground in the state's garden.

Abortion is so wrong on so many levels. This isn't the way to move on it.
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