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Sunday, April 27, 2003
I'm cross posting this comment to Rachel's post on "Pomo Thoughts...":

    Hi, Rachel (and others commenting) - you've hit the nail on the head as it comes to the problem in the church with postmodernism. As a concept, pomo is what we're all going through - it's as big of a paradigm shift in cultural thought as the enlightenment in the 1500-1600's. But someone thought that the church should be at the forefront of this momentous change (rightly so, I think): folks like Len Sweet, Stanley Grenz, Brian McLaren and others. But as soon as the church folks got ahold of it, it's now a new label, a new fad, a new cause to fought for - just as you've pointed out.

    It's become a label that's supposed to encompass people who don't like labels :). Anyway, it's not an "-ism" in the sense that it's a philosophy we're grabbing onto - even though that's the way some come to it and try to push it in agenda. Pomo is what's going on - the world is changing, moving away from the scientific method of "prove it" to a more profound "live it and show how it impacts real life."

    A new apologetic needs to take into account that I can't debate you into the Kingdom. I could tell you the 4 Spiritual Laws, tell you how much you need Jesus, and then have you say, "Thanks - that's great for you." Our stories need to connect and interconnect. Relationships need to become that much more sacred, reaching out to real people in real places in real time, letting them reach out to minister to us as well. The Bible becomes a collection of stories and The Story, and the only way to make a meta-narrative work (an all-encompassing story) is to show in my life how it's moving me along.

    Stuff like that. What I see from your comments :) is that you're in the midst of this pomo shift and didn't know it because you didn't like the label. Leave it to the church to overstep and mess up what's a good and probably imminent thing.

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