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Thursday, April 10, 2003
I'm deeply moved by the depth of God - more towards suffering than towards rejoicing, you know? I'm feeling the burden of realizing how deep a thing it is to really get to know the Lord...

Excerpt from DEEPER WALK: A Relevant Devotional Series #1 - "Birth Pains," by Winn Collier, pp. 30-31 -

"This is the spiritual axiom: the work of God in our heart is often birthed in pain. As much as I cringe to acknowledge it, this will be true for our new son Wyatt. While filled with delight over his entrance into the world, there is also an undertone of sorrow. I fear, for I know the suffering world he enters... But as much as I grieve, I also rejoice. Each of us must face birthing pains if we are ever to move deeper into our calling.

"These moments of agony connect us with our brokenness, and we see our need for a Savior. God may graciously wound us - as severe as it may be at times - to allow us to embrace the story of the Gospel... [to become] a person deeply connected with his God, intensely aware of his brokenness, and free to follow the path of God's design.

"... Without pain, we cannot see the Kingdom of God fully birthed in our souls."

Romans 8:21-23, Psalm 119:50, 75-77
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