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Monday, April 14, 2003
Long weekend. But at least it's spring break this week. My wife's a teacher, so she and the kids are able to goof off, have fun, play outside - while I at least get to sleep an extra hour each morning for not having to haul them to school - woo hoo!

I didn't blog much over the weekend, more for too much to say than not enough. I've got alot milling around inside me - on ministry, on my own spiritual growth, on what it means to grow and mature versus standing still and letting the status quo begin to pull you backwards. Is it possible that what I'm seeing isn't really a "sliding backwards", but is instead the same stuff coming around or cycling again so that I get a better grasp of what it all really means? Have I really grown in these areas, or did I leave some vital part behind, so that now God in His grace allows me to sorta kinda go through it again to see if I can pick it out and keep it this time? I'm not sure - and I know that's as clear as mud. But there are situations popping up that I thought we were through already - and if I'm to give God the benefit of my doubt, not to mention my friends and family around me, then there must be something more to get... Maybe I need to rent Groundhog Day and watch it over and over and over.
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