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Friday, April 25, 2003
:: RELEVANT magazine :: Church Of The Revolving Door - Jeff McCann

In attending a conference in Ontario with David Ruis, McCann is challenged by the possibilities for real change in worship. Yet, he's also mindful of folks not wanting to change or get that close to God.

"I’m not suggesting we 'worship the music' nor do I believe we should replace our worship team with performers and become an audience. But I see a real need for total, complete freedom and an all out abandon to worship, not to be constrained by time or agendas, to be able to stand before the real audience…. of One."

I'm all for that - giving place in our midst for God to really be felt, sensed in our presence. Getting a sense of individuality, and at the same time realizing we're all together - that almost-paradoxical feeling gives me shivers. Getting real enough with it that the clock doesn't matter, lunch with family doesn't matter - all that's important is sustaining this and milking it for all it's worth, and then being life-transformed enough to tell that this coming together has made a real difference.

It's not about "contemporary" vs. "traditional" worship styles. It's about the heart: are we really seeking after only Him?
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